Initial Workup
Functional Evaluation

The initial workup is a roughly 2 hour consultation process in which you and I go over the preliminary paperwork and assess your current nutrition goals/needs. During this time I will conduct a Functional Evaluation to identify any nutritional deficiencies which will be addressed through our work together. At this time we will develop a plan with recommendations to support the foundations of health and wellness 

The Functional Evaluation is a clinical assessment that uses various palpations and physiological tests to determine your health and physiological functionality. It evaluates many of the body's organs and organ systems, including the digestive system, endocrine health and adrenal function, as well as nutrient  sufficiency.  This helps to pinpoint specific areas of focus.

Follow-up Session

The goal of the 30 minute follow-up sessions is to track your progress and adjust nutritional therapy plans as necessary. These visits are typically scheduled between 4-6 weeks after previous appointments. If you have questions that need to be addressed between visits you may email me or schedule a phone appointment as necessary. 

Phone Appointment

Phone appointments must be scheduled in advance and are included with the Nutritional Therapy Package as a way for you to check in between appointment if there are any concerns that arise or if you want to make changes to the plan outlined during the previous visit. Phone appointments are approximately 15 minutes long.