In-home Cooking Demonstration

I currently offer 3 different cooking demonstrations.  Prices are discounted to current clients and are highlighted in ().  Please know that ingredients must be purchased ahead of your scheduled demonstration and at your own expense.


Homemade Sauerkraut

Learn to make your own fermented sauerkraut. Loaded with beneficial probiotic microbes, fermented foods are a great way to re-balance your gut flora and improve digestion.  

$115 ($100)

Easy Mayonnaise
and Dressings

It's hard to find good mayo and dressings in the grocery stores. Most of them use industrial oils like soybean/canola that are pro-inflammatory and promote disease.  Learn how to make easy and delicious mayonnaise and dressings that are healthy and free of preservatives. 

$115 ($100)

Gluten Free / 
Paleo Baked Goods

Learn to bake gluten free or Paleo baked goods.  Choose from a variety of recipes that utilize gluten or grain free flours/ingredients to make a healthier version of your old favorites.  

$150 ($130)