Client Consultations

Because each of us has different needs when it comes to reaching our own health goals, I offer a variety of consultation packages. Each package is designed to identify any nutritional deficiencies or health concerns, create a comprehensive plan to promote proper metabolic function, and monitor your progress as you work towards optimizing your health. 


Basic Package

For when you're just looking to "clean up" your diet a bit and learn to make better, more healthful choices in your day to day life! This plan includes an initial workup and 3 follow up sessions. We will discuss the importance of incorporating health promoting foods into the diet, learn to recognize and replace junk foods with better options, and we will work together to come up with a plan to ensure the changes you make to your diet are long lasting and promote health and wellness each and every day of your life!


3 monthly payments of $216.00


Standard Package

If you're looking to address specific health concerns by incorporating nutrient dense whole foods into your diet, this plan is for you. The Standard Package includes the initial workup with 5 follow-up visits and is a great starting point for those looking to lose weight, improve blood sugar regulation, address energy/mood stability issues and many other imbalances. During our visits we'll track your progress to ensure you're meeting your own health and wellness goals as we strive to promote better health and wellness.


3 monthly payments of $296.65


Premium Package

If you're looking to do more intense healing work to address chronic, long term issues like autoimmunity, inflammatory conditions, digestive dysfunction, and much more, the Premium Package is designed to dive deep and pinpoint the root of your pain.  This plan includes the initial workup and 10 follow-up visits and is perfect for those who are ready to make the necessary—though often intense—changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to reclaim their health and find their balance.


3 monthly payments of $488.30


Optimal Health Package

Like the Premium Package, the Optimal Health Package aims to help those seeking intense Nutritional Therapy work.  This plan includes the initial workup and 10 follow-up visits, as well as all of the Lifestyle Services


3 monthly payments of $590.00

* Prices reflect a standard 3 month payment plan. Those who choose to pay in full at the time of purchase will receive a 14% discount and those wishing to extend payments for 6 months will pay an additional 9% interest to cover additional billing/accounting costs.